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When it comes to financial struggles, often times, the answer lies within a bankruptcy filing. Whether you are a business owner or individual, you have the option to file for bankruptcy in order to stop hounding creditors and get your financial situation back on track. At Notinger Law, we specialize in Chapter 7 and Chapter 11 bankruptcy filing, helping you to get out from under overwhelming debt. Never go it alone when it comes to filing for bankruptcy. Have an experienced attorney by your side that can help you with understanding the process as well as filing for approval.Lowell Bankruptcy Lawyer Chapter 7

With 25 years of experience in practicing bankruptcy law, Notinger Law can assist with your filing. We can help you learn more about your bankruptcy options and help you learn more about the process.

Can You Benefit From Bankruptcy?

If you are having issues financially, you may be wondering if filing for bankruptcy is the right choice. If you are unable to afford to pay your debts, then bankruptcy is an option to consider. No matter your employment position or financial status, you can be affected by debt. In Massachusetts, common forms of bankruptcy filed are Chapter 7 and Chapter 11. Each can provide relief from overwhelming debt. Understanding the bankruptcy laws of the state will help you to choose the right bankruptcy filing to apply for.

Essentially bankruptcy was created to give people a fresh start, free of any debt. With Chapter 7 bankruptcy laws in Massachusetts, you will most likely see your debt discharged. With Chapter 11, you will be given a manageable payment plan so that you can pay off your debt in a reasonable time frame. If you find that you are constantly borrowing money to pay off credit card debt or you are using your savings to keep debt at bay, then bankruptcy may be the best option for you. Medical bills that are piling up, massive credit card debt or the loss of a job are common reasons behind Massachusetts residents filing for bankruptcy.

Legal Assistance When Filing Bankruptcy

For most people, bankruptcy is something they never thought would be needed. However, life happens and the need for assistance becomes a reality. When learning more about bankruptcy for your financial needs, you may have difficulty understanding whether or not Chapter 7 or Chapter 11 will be best for you. Legal terms used in bankruptcy as well as how the process is to be completed can be complicated and confusing to you. By working with an experienced attorney, you will be better able to understand the process as well as have help with your filing.

At Notinger Law, we are here to help you with every step of the process. Our bankruptcy representation begins well in advance of a bankruptcy filing. We will help you in every way to understand the process and feel comfortable about your decision. We specialize in bankruptcy law for Massachusetts including Chapter 7 liquidation cases and Chapter 11 reorganization cases for both individuals and businesses.

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