Commercial Litigation

At Notinger Law, we focus on several areas of the law, including commercial litigation. Our goal is to help your business reach a resolution within your particular case. Our attorneys work hard to develop a strategy early on in the litigation matter so that your issue is resolved in a timely manner. Our experienced commercial attorneys have expertise in fraud and preference litigation, insurance disputes, collection as well as director and officer liability cases, and probate litigation. We have handled such cases in New Hampshire as well as Massachusetts.

What is Commercial Litigation?

In general, the term commercial litigation refers to every type of dispute within a business setting. This can include breach of contract cases, class actions, partnership disputes, shareholder issues and so much more. Whether you are starting a new business or dissolving one, there are going to be legal issues at play. Intense negotiations may be required or litigation to help you reach your goal. No matter the dispute, we can help. Our attorneys have experience in commercial law and will fight for what’s right for your company.

Representing Your Business

At Notinger Law, we want to represent your business. We know that when a commercial litigation case drags on and on, it can cost you money in the end. We work on tackling commercial issues quickly and try to find the most cost-effective resolution for your individual case. Our attorneys have years of experience with legal cases involving commercial litigation and know the law well enough to start a strategy early to be of benefit to your business.

Examples of Commercial Litigation Cases

There are many legal issues that a company can come across when starting a new business. Perhaps you are having difficulty with a recent acquisition or merger. Maybe the last business contract that was signed has seen the other party back out on their obligation. We can help in these areas. Other common issues behind commercial litigation cases include breach of contract allegations, intellectual property, shareholders, insurance and so much more. The type of case you will have will be based on a number of factors including the type of business you have as well as the issue at hand.

At Notinger Law, we will review your issue. After hearing your case, we will be able to develop a strategy and know which way we want to take the case, be it with negotiations or heading to court. Whether you are a small business, mid-size company or a large corporation, we want to assist you. We have represented a wide range of industries within our commercial law cases and are prepared to take on new cases, no matter how great or small.

When it comes to legal matters within your business, let our team of experts assist you. With our expertise, you will have the right representation, no matter the legal need. Contact our office as soon as you need assistance and we will quickly review your case and get you on the right track to handling any commercial legal difficulty.

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