Business Law


You need an experienced attorney to draft contracts and handle disputes for your business.

Business law is a broad category that includes many things like leases, contracts, employment agreements, licenses, purchase and sale agreements and other agreements. Notinger Law has substantial knowledge in the negotiation and preparation of these types of documents and in generally representing businesses in the various issues they face. Over the past 30 years Notinger Law has focused on business issues, particularly in the insolvency area and has a wealth of knowledge in these matters. If you are a small or medium sized business you can benefit from the extensive knowledge and experience Notinger Law has representing businesses in loan transactions, asset sales, commercial lease negotiations, disputes with the IRS or in Tax Court, disputes with the DRA, in or out of Chapter 11 reorganization.

Further, small and medium sized businesses need estate plans for their owners and Notinger Law can provide a workable estate plan for such individuals that provides for a smooth transition in the even of a shareholder death.

Trust Notinger Law for all your business needs.


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