Creditor Rights

When a customer working with a business fails to pay their debts back to the business, a debt is then owed. The business then has several options to help collect the debts from the debtor. Many of these remedies often do not require the use of court or attorneys. There are also remedies that require courts and other proceedings to collect the debt.

Collecting debts require knowledge of creditor rights, this is why it is important to speak with Notinger Law. Their experienced business law attorneys in Northerrn Massachusetts and New Hampshire can provide even more insight on those rights and rules so that the creditor is able to obtain the debt. We have handled hundreds of collection matters over the years.

Self-Help Remedies for Collecting Debts

The first step that the business should take to collect a debt is through self-help options. These do not require legal help at all. The creditor can contact the debtor and demand payment on their debts. Sometimes these accounts are transferred to debt collection businesses that handle payments on the debts.

Court-Based Remedies for Collecting Debts

Sometimes the creditor will have to take the debtor to court. These proceedings ensure that the creditor will be able to gain funds for their debt that is owed..

Notinger Law has been successful in obtaining pre-judgment relief in the form of attachments and injunctions so that any judgment, once obtained is already secured by collateral.

Suing for Damages

Where the business requires the use of a knowledgeable business law attorney, it is important to speak with Notinger Law. They can provide the necessary information regarding these creditor rights within Massachusetts and New Hampshire. This helps businesses collect the debts that they’re owed in an efficient manner.

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