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As an individual or business owner, debt can begin to pile up fairly quickly. It is not uncommon for assistance to be needed, and many individuals will wait far too long to seek help with debt relief, waiting until they are overwhelmed with no idea what to do next or who to turn to. When debt relief is needed, it is not a sign of failure as most people believe. Obtaining debt relief is a way to start over and stop the struggle to stay afloat when it comes to finances. The longer you wait to do something about your mounting debt, the harder the process will be. When in need of debt relief solutions, rely on our team of expert attorneys at Notinger Law. We specialize in providing information on debt relief to help individuals, as well as businesses, begin a fresh financial start.

The process in which you receive debt relief will be determined based on your circumstance. For some, negotiating with creditors might be the best route to take. For others, bankruptcy might be the solution. Our attorneys will review your personal information and then provide a clear path in which you can take to receive debt relief. With legal help, you learn every option you have, with an explanation of what will take place, so you can make the right decision for your particular needs.

Bankruptcy Benefits

One option you have to receive debt relief is filing for bankruptcy. With a bankruptcy filing, you can see a reorganization of your debt or other means of relief. At Notinger Law, we specialize in both Chapter 7 and Chapter 11 bankruptcy filings, having handled cases in both Massachusetts and New Hampshire. We understand the law clearly in both states, able to help individuals as well as businesses to file bankruptcy based on the individual need.

With a bankruptcy filing, collectors have to stop calling you and taking action against you. You will be able to see a big relief in stress as you will no longer be receiving harassing phone calls from creditors. You can then focus on moving forward and getting a handle on your finances.

Working with an Experienced Attorney

The attorneys at Notinger Law are experienced in debt relief options. Aside from bankruptcy, we also have experience in work-outs. There are additional options to bankruptcy, you just have to know what you can do based on your financial need. With work-outs, our attorneys negotiate with your creditors to try and work out a plan to repay the debt you owe, in a way that you can afford. This helps to take the pressure off of you and start on a path to financial freedom, instead of struggling each month to make ends meet.

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