Estate Planning

Will your property be distributed according to your wishes when you pass away?

Attorney Steven Notinger has many years of experience in estate planning.  This includes assisting clients in creating wills and trusts.

Estate planning is essential for everyone, regardless of their wealth or income.  If the proper will and trust documents are not in place, the estate will be distributed according to state law and through the probate process.  Not only does this mean that your estate may not be distributed exactly as you wish, but your heirs and beneficiaries may be forced to go through lengthy and expensive court proceedings.

Benefits of Good Estate Planning:

  • Control over your estate:  You will be able to specify exactly how you want your assets to be distributed rather than leaving it up to the probate system.

  • Efficient distribution to your heirs: A large percentage of your estate can be lost to inheritance tax.  A good estate planning attorney can help you navigate the tax laws and make sure as much of your estate as possible will go to your heirs and beneficiaries.

  • Saving Time:  Good estate planning minimizes the chance that your estate will have to go to probate court.  Probate court is a lengthy process.

The laws and taxes involved in estate planning are extremely complex, and it takes a skilled and experienced attorney like Steven Notinger to ensure that your wishes are carried out.

Attorney Steven Notinger can help you with the following estate planning documents:


A will is a document that specifies what should be done with most of your assets after you pass away.  Assets passed on in a will are subject to inheritance tax.  A will covers any assets you may have that are not specified in a trust.


A trust gives more specific instructions for handling certain assets than a will.  Assets covered by a trust are usually taxed differently than assets inherited under the terms of a will.

Living Wills

Living will and durable power of attorney documents ensure that your wishes are followed in the event that you are alive, but unable to communicate due to a serious medical condition.

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