Installment Agreements

Whether you are an individual or the owner of a business, you are liable for some form of taxes. Over time, you may face tax liability due to an audit or another issue with the state or federal government. At Notinger Law, we can assist you with tax liability problems, including fighting for installment agreements. With our negotiation skills and understanding of tax law, we can provide a way for you to obtain reasonable installment payments based on your ability to pay what you owe. Let go of worry and stress by letting our team of professional attorneys handle your case.

Taking Action Quickly

One of the best ways to handle tax liability issues to handle the situation quickly. If you are unable to pay your taxes and you are simply waiting and worrying about what comes next, you are taking the wrong approach. By contacting our office, we can review your situation and come up with a quality solution that will be to your benefit. Depending on your situation, you may have several avenues to explore. In many cases we have handled, installment payments can be set up based on your ability to pay which means you make a set payment for a set time frame, to pay what you owe, without penalty.

Options to Consider

The first step to getting the right tax with tax liability problems is to have your situation assessed by a professional tax attorney. At Notinger Law, we have decades of experience handling tax cases in both New Hampshire and Massachusetts. We have tried a variety of tax cases as well as handled negotiations, and have the experience and skill to handle your issue, no matter how big or small the problem.

Once we have analyzed your financial situation, we will be able to come up with a plan of action, including a possible payment plan that works for you. We can look at such options as offering a compromise to the tax authorities, be it the IRS or state. We can try to have the tax authorities accept a lower amount and release any federal or state tax liens.

Another option is to consider a bankruptcy filing. For individuals, Chapter 7 is usually the route to take. For businesses, Chapter 11 allows for a reorganization of debt which allows you to hold on to the business and continue operations. Bankruptcy might be a solution to get you out of any tax liability situation. Once we review your case, we will be able to make suggestions as to what will work best for your giving situation.

The Best Available Solution

Based on your tax predicament, we will find the best available solution for you or your business. A payment plan is the most common solution used when dealing with IRS collection issues and significant tax debt. When you are faced with a tax liability problem, let our team of experienced tax attorneys handle your case. From negotiations to court proceedings, we can lend our skill and knowledge to your benefit.

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