Stop Creditors From Garnishing Wages

When you owe a debt, the creditor or debt collector in charge will stop at nothing to try and be paid. Every individual can face tough times financially and you may begin to have issues repaying the debt you owe due to a number of factors. Divorce, sickness, medical bills and the loss of employment are just a few reasons why payments can fall behind. Many collectors will attempt to garnish your wages in order to be paid or threaten to do so. This is a scary and stressful thought. The thought of losing control over the money you are paid through your work is terrifying. This would impact your daily life on a large scale. At Notinger Law, we work hard to stop individuals who face debt collection, including working to stop creditors from garnishing wages. When you face such issues, let our team of experienced attorneys handle your case.

Types of Wage Garnishments

Taxes, child support, and student loans are just a few areas in which debts can be garnished by a creditor without a court order. Other kinds of debts do require a court order before your wages can be taken. Whether you live in New Hampshire or Massachusetts, we service both regions and can work to help you avoid this issue. In New Hampshire, there are limits as to how much a creditor can take from your wages as well as steps that must be taken to start the process. The law works in favor of the debtor and we know the law, helping you to avoid having your wages garnished from your check each week.

If a creditor is able to win a court order, they can begin to start taking money straight from your paycheck each pay period. There are options for you to stop the garnishment payments quickly. To begin, you can have our attorneys negotiate a repayment plan to cover your debt. We work with you to determine how much you can pay and then negotiate with the creditor from there. With our negotiations, we may actually be able to reduce the amount of debt you owe.

Filing Bankruptcy

Another option is to file for bankruptcy. With a bankruptcy filing, you will see any action to collect debt cease. This provides you with time to consider your finances and get back on track, many times with outstanding debt discharged.

Never let a threat of wage garnishments scare you out of taking action. You do not have to accept that your wages are being taken and need that money in order to get your finances in order. At Notinger Law, we are prepared to fight for you. Our attorneys have vast experience in bankruptcy and debt relief cases and can offer you several options for your debt needs. From stopping wage garnishments to negotiating or helping you to file bankruptcy, we offer a plethora of options for you to move forward. Contact our office today if you are under threat of wage garnishment or need assistance with debt relief.

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