Tax Litigation

Dealing with tax authorities can be scary and intimidating. At Notinger Law, we have vast experience in the field of tax law, having worked cases involving the IRS and state tax authorities. When you face tax litigation, it will help to have experienced attorneys working for you. By working with our law firm, we will assist in explaining the process for you, helping you to better understand tax litigation and maximize the potential for you to see a positive outcome.

What is Tax Litigation?

In broad terms, tax litigation is when tax disputes are resolved involving tax authorities of a federal, state or local nature. A tax issue may involve a business, trust, estate or an individual. Any form of taxation can be subject to litigation including the estate tax, gift tax, income tax, local property tax, state sales, etc. In general, a tax dispute will be separated into civil and criminal categories. When you speak to our attorneys at Notinger Law, we will help you determine which type of litigation you are facing and explain the process more, so you understand fully what is taking place.

Civil Tax Assistance

When a taxpayer faces a civil matter, our attorneys will provide their expertise by offering information on tax laws, deal with revenue agents and formulate strategies. Usually, litigation is the last resort for the taxpayer and our attorneys can provide quality representation during a court proceeding. We can help to resolve the tax issue or play the role as an advisor to you or your accountant.

During a civil tax case, a tax authority will most likely be auditing you, assessing or collection. You may also decide to start the case due to claiming a refund. On a federal level, a civil tax case may involve speaking to the Internal Revenue Service or completing a written appeal to the Appeals Office. Litigation may also be needed within the District Courts, US Tax Court or Court of Federal Claims. Once litigation takes place in a lower court, the taxpayer can have the right to appeal within a federal court. We can help with this process if needed.

Overall, it is important to know your rights when dealing with tax litigation. Never try to go it alone. By having help from qualified tax attorneys, you can see a positive outcome with your case. At Notinger Law, we serve residents of New Hampshire and Massachusetts, happy to assist in reviewing your individual case and coming up with the right solution for legal action. When you face tax litigation, contact our office to schedule a consultation appointment.

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