Work-Outs and Receiverships

Work-outs occur as an alternative to bankruptcy and usually to stave off bankruptcy. They involve the negotiation of an out of court resolution with one or more of your creditors without the intervention of a Court. Attorneys in the firm have extensive experience negotiating out of court settlements among creditors usually with the threat of a bankruptcy looming over the parties. To be an effective work-out lawyer you need to be a knowledgeable bankruptcy lawyer.

So whether it is a secured creditor hoping to resolve things consensually or a debtor negotiating with a myriad of creditors, Notinger Law can use its expertise to shepherd you through the process of an out of court work out.

In addition, Steven M. Notinger is a Chapter 7 and 11 Trustee in New Hampshire. He has extensive experience liquidating assets and running bankrupt companies. As a result Trustee Notinger is uniquely qualified to be a state court receiver for secured creditors or for a fractured company. In fact, Trustee Notinger has been a state court receiver for several enterprises and has represented parties in state court seeking a receivership.